Unfortunate circumstances – and my permission slip.

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Before I get into the “meat” of this post, I feel I need to explain something I may not have before. Our “tiny home” is now located on the property of some pretty cool people. There’s a Mom & Dad, a 16 year old son, and a guy, who lives in the basement of the big house. Together, we all share about 5 acres of wide open land, a community washer and dryer, and about 50 chickens. And Izzy has become very attached to some of our fine feathered friends. This is where our “unfortunate circumstances” come up……

A lot of people who have never been around chickens don’t know this, but chickens can be MEAN. The roosters more so, but even the hens are brutal on occasion. Especially when they perceive another hen to be ‘weak’. Chickens will attack, maim, and, if given the chance, kill (and eat) another chicken. In our little group of about 50, there are 2 that have been hurt pretty bad; one of which was left blind, and very, very timid. Which is why she was named Timmy.

A few weeks ago, ‘Mom’ texted me and asked if we would be interested in ‘adopting’ Timmy – basically to get her away from the rest of the chickens, and into some sort of safe haven. Izzy JUMPED at this opportunity, and immediately took a vested interest in little Timmy. We’d been waiting on the chicken experts to build her a suitable coop for our little space, since we don’t know much about chickens, really – but, Izzy had declared Timmy HER chicken, and her BFFC (best friend forever chicken), and the two would do all sorts of things together. Timmy was a lap chicken. She would sit in Izzy’s lap, and they would read books. They were buddies 🙂 But, yesterday, Timmy went missing……..

We walked all over this 5 acres, looked in every hiding spot we could think of, but there was no sign of her at all. Timmy was gone, and my sweet little girl’s heart broke, all over the place. She tried to stay strong while we were looking with the big kid (not wanting to show weakness in front of him), but as soon as we made it back to our porch, she broke down, and just sobbed…. 🙁 No schoolwork was done yesterday, but a lot of tears were shed.

The big kid came to our door twice after the search yesterday: First, to apologize to Izzy. He came over and told her it was his fault Timmy was gone, as it is his chore to make sure all of the chickens are accounted for in the evening. He told her that, had he just taken the extra 2 minutes to make sure she was in the coop, she might still be here. The second visit, later on, was to ask her to forgive him 🙁 The poor kid was really beating himself up. They’ve lost chickens before, but this chicken was different – because Izzy LOVED her. SO very much.

As the big kid was talking to us, I let him know that she and I had been talking too, and that she didn’t blame him, even if he did blame himself. She’s wise beyond her years, my little girl; and she knows and understands death, and the circle of life (probably far better than she should…) Then big kid said something along the lines of “I just feel bad, because this makes her already unfortunate circumstances worse”…..

Unfortunate circumstances, eh? I suppose he meant the way we live. And, I just let it go 🙂 How do you explain to a 16 year old kid that WE don’t think it’s unfortunate at all? That we LOVE our simple, tiny life? That, by living tiny, we actually get to live LARGE? That, rather than spending all of our money on rent, or a huge mortgage, we get to spend it having FUN, and doing the things we love to do? I don’t think a kid, other than Izzy, or other ‘tiny home kids’, can understand that.

I think we’ll let Izzy pick out a chick or two for Easter 🙂 And get them a little coop for just them, right in our little yard. Then she can lap train them from the get-go, and have her very own BFFC’s again. But, in the meantime, here’s a small tribute to Timmy:

Now, for the rest of the day (after I put in a MINIMAL amount of work), I am going to take a Beautiful You Day, and give myself a permission slip to disregard the crap I should do, and instead, do what I WANT TO DO today 🙂

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  1. I agree– the situation with the chicken is unfortunate. Tiny living? Not at all! Hope your BY day is exactly what you need. Take gentle care!

    1. OMG! Rosie, you just made my YEAR! ? Your book is a huge part of my day, every day, and it’s an absolute honor to have you visit my blog, and even leave a comment! Thank you!! XOXO ❤❤❤

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